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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DNFMOMD: DNFMOMD on WAAF - Bay State Rock with Carmelita - video!

We had the distinct pleasure of performing on Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF on 06/27/2010. We took "acoustic" to its most epic and silly conclusion, ukulele and glockenspiel, of course!

Because we didn't think that playing our drums/bass songs on glock and uke was weird enough, we also videotaped ourselves on playing on the radio!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Motion Sick: A Brief Study of The Motion Sick in Pandora

Presently, we have two songs in Pandora's system. We're hoping to get more in, but there are a lot of complex and annoying barriers to this happening. Regardless, I thought it would be interesting to see what Pandora recommended to users who elected to create a station based on our music. This is a very brief look, but I find it, here is what I got...

First, a tiny bit about how they classified our two songs. I am sure there is a lot more info, but this is the quick summary:

"The Day After" - basic rock song structures, a subtle use of vocal harmony, extensive vamping, minor key tonality, and mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation.

"Satellite" - basic rock song structures, a subtle use of vocal harmony, extensive vamping, major key tonality, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, and acoustic rhythm guitar.

Artists that came up on The Motion Sick radio: New Radiant Storm King, Todd Rundgren, Ladder, Kaspar Hauser, Pants Yell!, Marlboro Chorus, Awesome Color, Like A Fox, Magnolia Summer, Blessid Union of Souls, Halou, Doves, Jeremy Jay, David Fagin

Thursday, June 24, 2010

DNFMOMD: Show Friday (6/25) at The Middle East, Acoustic set on WAAF Sunday, The New Brahmin fashion interview!

Show tomorrow, 6/25 at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA. It's psychedelia-inspired 28 Degrees Taurus' CD Release. The haunting and shoegazing Static of the Gods headline and Banditas open the night (we should be on second). FB Event - come out and meet our new merch mannequin (named Barbarella)!

Then on Sunday, 6/27 we'll be performing 4 songs acoustic on Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF - you can listen online at! We start playing right at 11:30PM. We're working the songs out on ukulele and glockenspiel - so it will be VERY different from what we do live!

Sophia was recently interviewed by Boston fashion blog, The New Brahmin on what goes in to getting ready for a show and about her personal style and fashion icons- they even took a few photos (on abandoned T property - we encountered  a zombie house, a possibly rabid raccoon, and some rusty nails - you can't tell any of that from the photos, however!)

Finally, we'll be headed out on tour the last week in July - let us know if you'd like to see us in your town!

The Motion Sick: Vote for The Motion Sick

Produced by Killer Suit Creative Media

TT the Bear's
Cambridge, MA

Sidewalk Driver Midnight
The Motion Sick 11:00pm
Brendan Boogie & the Best Intentions 10:00pm
Leo Blais 9:00pm

Don't vote for these jerks!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick's final shows (for an indefinite time) / new projects by TMS members (including Neutral Uke Hotel)

Hello Friends!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update to let you know what we're up to. The Motion Sick has decided to wrap up the 4-song recording we're working on, play a couple more shows, and then take an indefinite-length break. So, if you want to see us perform live, now is the time!

Matt and I (Mike here) are embarking this week on a brief tour with Neutral Uke Hotel, a project organized by Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom. You probably remember Shawn and Golden Bloom from the fancy split 7" we released earlier this year for which we covered GB's "Doomsday Devices" and GB covered TMS' "30 Lives." More info:

Neutral Uke Hotel Tour dates
6/15/10 - The Mercury Lounge, NYC, NY (9:00pm)
*6/16/10 - The Rongovian Embassy, Trumansburg, NY (9:00pm)
*6/18/10 - The Bacardi Stage at Yonge Dundas Square, Toronto, ON (2:00pm)
6/18/10 - The Painted Lady, Toronto, ON (9:00pm)
*6/20/10 - Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY (9:00pm)
6/22/10 - The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA (8:00pm)
6/23/10 - The Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport, CT (8:00pm)
6/25/10 - The Basement, Northampton, MA (10:00pm) (Sadly, Mike will be missing this one)
The starred dates will also include the performance of a few of The Motion Sick's songs on the ukulele.

The last two TMS shows before we take a break are, perhaps appropriately, at TT the Bear's, the same place where we held our first real full show (CD release for Her Brilliant Fifteen):
07/16/10 TT the Bear's Cambridge, MA w/ Sidewalk Driver, Brendan Boogie & the Best Intentions, Leo Blais

09/18/10 TT the Bear's Cambridge, MA Virgo-a-go-go! 18+

Naturally, you'll be hearing a lot more about these shows as the dates approach!

I also thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you about some of the projects that members of The Motion Sick are involved with, so you can check out some more of what we've got going on. We're definitely not resting on our laurels!

Patrick is currently busy preparing a clone army for takeover of the outer rim of the galaxy. If he succeeds, we will all be intergalactic slaves. I know I'm rooting for him!

Travis is playing guitar in Naked on Roller Skates, a band fronted by the extraordinarily talented Leesa, director of the music video for The Motion Sick's "Aquaman's Lament." Travis is also playing drums in The Backup Factor, a band formed by Sarah Korval, formerly of Okay Thursday (a band that several of us were involved with).

Matt is rocking the bass for The Future Everybody, a band formed by a couple former members of Boston pop rockers Scamper. As noted earlier, Matt is rocking the trumpet for Neutral Uke Hotel and he has also been playing bass in The Backup Factor.

Mike (that's me) is currently auditioning female librarians for his all-XX-chromosome (apart from Mike) project, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Mike also plays a sort of hybridized bass (through a guitar and bass rig) in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, a duo thematically based on '60s spy-fi TV series The Prisoner. The other half of DNFMOMD is Sophia Cacciola, writer of The Motion Sick's "Jean-Paul" (and guest vocalist on the recording). Mike also plays baritone ukulele in Neutral Uke Hotel.

Rock on!