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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Darling Pet Munkee "X-Ray Specs" Music Video!!!

Darling Pet Munkee is a project for which Sophia and I have teamed up with Axemunkee's Catherine Capozzi to write songs about items sold in the back of old comic books! I've been writing posts recounting the stories of the items. X-Ray Specs was a particularly odd tale.

We Munkees have decided to shoot music videos for all 7 of the songs on our debut Glows in the Dark!, which we are releasing in January 2012 with a party here in town at Radio rock club! We've been hard at work shooting "Genuine Soil from Dracula's Castle" (see posts about shooting day 1 and day 2), but managed to sneak in a one-day shoot for "X-Ray Specs" a week ago.


The main concept delivered by the ads for X-Ray Specs is that you can see through both skin (to see bones) and clothing (to see underwear). So, we developed the idea that a sketchy-looking person (kind of like the ad above on the left) would attend a DPM live performance. Once popping on the specs, the band appears in our signature skeleton outfits and the audience appears in their underwear! Throw in a little bit of a political jab and some random characters from other DPM songs (Dracula, a monkey, a kung-fu fighter, and an astronaut) and we present to you, my directorial debut..."X-Ray Specs" the music video...


With the help of Boing Boing and a very enthusiastic cast promoting it, the video got over 5000 views on its first day in the wild!!!


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