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Sophia and Michael are Somerville, MA based musicians and filmmakers
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wiretap Wednesday: February 1, 2012 - featuring J. Krafty - FULL VIDEO PLAYLIST

February 1 is the very first installment on Wiretap Wednesday!! This page ( ) will be the location of the livestream and time listings for performing acts.

The amazing J-Krafty is our feature performer this month!

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA

All Ages! Free! (Logistical Details)

7:00 PM - Sign up (in person only) / social time.
7:30 PM - Open stage begins
8:30 PM - Feature performer
9:00 PM - Open stage resumes
10:00 PM - End of open stage / Curfew

Also, connect with us on Facebook.

Schedule (Approximate):ActTitleArtist URLVideo URL
7:30:00Introduction / Rules
7:35:00Nick ZainoI Hate Lovehttp://nickzaino.bandcamp.com
7:40:00Catherine Capozzidon't dive in the sinkaxemunkee.bandcamp.com
7:45:00Brendan Boogiebrendanboogie.comVIDEO REDACTED
7:50:00Linnea Herzog"Like That," "The Benches"foamcore.bandcamp.com
7:55:00Lainey SchoolTreeu unfriended me :(www.laineyschooltree.com
8:00:00Keith CooperFreedom's Confineskeithcoopermusic.bandcamp.com
8:05:00Em DiaMedeaVIDEO REDACTED
8:10:00Ian Fitzgeraldwww.ianfitzgerald.com
8:15:00J. Kraftyfeature!craftygangsta.com
8:20:00J. Kraftyfeature!bigfootlikestheladies.com
8:25:00J. Kraftyfeature!
9:00:00J. Kraftyfeature!
9:05:00J. Kraftyfeature!
9:10:00J. Kraftyfeature!
9:15:00walnutlove is in your face/don't get it confused I'm just a friendly dude
9:20:00Leesa Coyne
9:25:00Chris Mulvey
9:30:00Nick Zaino
9:35:00Catherine Capozzi
9:40:00Brendan Boogie with Leesa
9:43:00Lainey SchoolTree
9:51:00Kieth Cooper
9:54:00Ian Fitzgerald
10Leesa Coyne